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How To Dance with Change When Your Brain Wants to Sit Out

woman dancing the salsa

“Struggling thoughts are often an indicator that there’s something we’re not accepting.” — Joseph Goldstein, Meditation Guru

Introduction: The Dance of Transformative Change

I like to think of transformative change as a surprise dance party thrown by the Big U(niverse), because I never know how it’s going to show up. At times it shows up as an uninvited guest, and other times it sneaks in through the back door, wearing a glittering mask of opportunity. And with it comes some struggling thoughts.

Thoughts like...

“I can’t do this. I don’t have what it takes.”

“I don’t know how I’ll make this happen.”

“What if I fail and fall on my face?”

And no matter how change waltzes into my life, one thing is certain: change is a dance partner I can’t refuse even if my brain wants to sit out on a dance song or two.

The Cha-Cha of Comfort Zones

Picture this: You’re at a cozy party listening to Classical music, sipping chamomile tea, when suddenly the DJ switches the track. The tempo picks up, and your comfort zone starts doing the cha-cha. It’s a wild, twirling dance—half exhilarating, half terrifying. Your heart races, and your mind shouts, “Wait, I didn’t sign up for this!”

But here’s a little secret: your brain actually loves a new beat. It thrives on novelty and shimmying through the routines. (This is why “aha moments” feel so darned good.)

Regardless of how much it likes novelty and newness, your brain will usually kick up a fuss when it’s being “forced” outside of the comfort zone of status quo. That’s because learning a new dance step requires an extra expenditure of energy. And all your brain wants to do is keep you dancing at a pace that won’t burn too much energy.

Enter resistance disguised as struggling thoughts – meet your new dance partner.

The Tango of Resistance

Ah, resistance—the sultry tango partner who insists on leading. We cling to our old habits, our worn-out beliefs, and our trusty collection of mismatched socks. “Change?” we scoff. “I’ve got my life figured out, thank you very much.”

But here’s where the fun comes in. Those struggling thoughts are insider intel – consider it your VIP invitation to a new and better dance.

The Salsa of Acceptance

That better dance is acceptance of some new awareness —a spicy salsa that sets our hearts on fire. It’s that moment when we fling our worries into the air and say, “OK, let’s do this. Let’s dance!”

This is where we let go of control, we give ourselves some grace, we acknowledge our struggling thoughts without judgement, and suddenly, the stars join our salsa conga line. They whisper secrets about timing and the art of salsa-dancing our way to more energy.

And guess what? Because acceptance isn’t passive; it becomes a shimmying, hip-swiveling act of courage supporting us as we make transformative changes - where we go from “I can’t" to “I can.”

So, next time change knocks on your door, invite it in. Offer it a cup of chamomile tea (or a piña colada, if it prefers tropical vibes). Dance the cha-cha, tango, and the salsa—all in one glorious medley. And remember struggling thoughts are just invitations to a cosmic dance party.

Conclusion: The Encore

As our blog post curtain falls and the music fades, let’s raise our imaginary glasses and toast to change. May it pirouette through our days, leaving glitter in its wake. And may we learn to accept its invitation, even when our feet ache and our hair defies gravity.

Because, my friends, life’s greatest dance isn’t about perfection—it’s about showing up, wobbling, laughing, and shouting, “Encore, please!” 🎶

Thank you, Joseph Goldstein, for the wisdom. And thank you, dear readers, for joining me on the dance floor. Until next time, keep twirling! 🌟🕺💃


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