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The #Unstoppable Mindset Group Coaching Program

Imagine for a moment…

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An exciting vision, one that you have yet to take from paper to reality. Maybe it’s the vision of starting your own business, fitting into the jeans you wore in high school, doing a triathlon, getting promoted to a leadership position, finding the love of your life, or moving cross country.


Sit with that vision for a second and notice what you’re feeling and thinking.


If your excitement is replaced with feelings of deflated-ness or fear, and your thoughts shift to ones of “Oh crap! There’s no way I can do this! What was I thinking?!” Know you’re not alone and that what you’re experiencing is perfectly normal. You’ve just experienced negative bias, which is something we’re all hard-wired for.


The good news is; there are ways to break through that negative bias and turn your inner critic into your own support team. Enter The #Unstoppable Mindset Group Coaching Program—the place where group coaching, powerful insight, and camaraderie meet.


This program is the perfect way to help you shine a light on what's holding you back,  turning those deflated feelings into empowered ones. With the help and support of a dedicated coach, you'll not only learn how to turn your inner critic into an inner support team,  but you'll create a plan to help you reach your goals.

Are ready to take your vision off the paper and become #Unstoppable?

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The benefits of participating…

  • Assurance that your vision and implementation plan is a perfect match for you. Have you ever tried to implement someone else’s plan? Nine times out of ten, it’s either a real slog or it doesn’t happen. We make sure you’re not slogging and that your vision doesn’t get stuffed into a sock drawer.

  • A doable, motivating, implementable plan for taking your vision from paper to reality.

  • Reusable tools and exercises to turn your inner critic into your inner support team. Research has shown that when you can turn your inner critic into your own support team, you’re more apt to reach your goals.

  • Insight into your mindset and how it impacts your actions.

  • Group support, connection, and collaboration. Because we all know that several heads can be better than one.

  • One-to-one coaching for additional insight and support.

  • An interactive workbook that's loaded with mindset factoids and insight-provoking, awareness-creating exercises.

The program details …

  • Four participants engage in 4, 90-minute group coaching sessions - where evidence-based information + experiential exercises meet coaching + group discussion. (A total  of 6 hours of group coaching)

    All sessions take place on Zoom and will be recorded.

    What we're exploring:

    • Session 1:

      • Attraction vs. Aversion – why alignment of a vision is so important

      • Brain factoids to leverage for creating a can-do spirit so you can take your vision from paper to reality

      • What negative bias is, and how it impacts vision implementation

      • Spotting "can't" story triggers so we can identify when they show up

    • Session 2:

      • Tools for diminishing and demystifying a "can't" story's power

      • How vision "chunking" creates doable and motivational action

      • Engaging the reward center of your brain to maintain forward momentum

      • Feel-good chemicals in your brain and how they impact feeling confident when taking action

      • Why having resources, options, and choices trick your brain to remain calm when taking action and making changes

    • Session 3:

      • Ways to change the "can't" to "can"

      • Turning your inner critic into your support team

      • Calming exercises to match your brain's language during moments of stuck, stressed, and stalled out

    • Session 4:

      • The Vision Cycle to go from paper to reality

      • Identifying resources for those "Oh Crap!" moments

      • Shifting perceptions using a resilience exercise

      • Creating a Stop, Start, Continue Plan for keeping the motivation high to ensure your vision comes to fruition

  • Each participant has a monthly one-on-one hour coaching session for additional support and awareness-creating. (4 hours of one-on-one coaching)

  • Access to a member’s only resource portal for access to the community, workbook, additional resources, and activities.


Available Payment Options: 
$375.00 USD per month (four payments) OR One payment of $1500.00 USD

Group Coaching Dates & Times (per time zone): **

May Session is now closed - New dates coming soon. To receive notification for when the next group starts, be sure to complete the form below.

**The group sessions are limited to four participants to support dynamic discussions, individualized coaching opportunities, and a comfortable sharing space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is group coaching?

A: Group Coaching is a professional relationship between a coach and a small group of clients, facilitating discussions to support the clients to gain a deeper insight into areas of forward movement, as well as areas that serve as obstacles with the objective of helping clients to achieve their desired outcome.

Q: Are the groups confidential?

A: Absolutely! While they will be recorded, ONLY participants have access to the recordings. The participants and coach agree to NEVER share anything discussed in the sessions.

Q: How long will I be able to access the recording and materials?

A: You'll have twelve months to access the message board and materials for download.

Q: Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

A:  All sessions are live. They are recorded so participants can relisten at any time.

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