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Do You L-O-L?

picture of my office

I've recently added a new addition to my office. Something that I look at every day. It's really special for two reasons. One, because it was a gift from my awesome sister.  

We were out and about, doing our thing, when I stumbled upon this hand painted frame. But it wasn’t the colors or the brushstrokes that caught my eye—it was the words inside the frame.

The artist had penned this little gem which I found super inspiring - so much so that it serves as my daily reminder to L-O-L (the second reason).

Living Out Loud Poem

What does it mean to live out loud (L-O-L)? Well, my friends, to me, it’s about cranking up the volume on my life. It's about coloring with all the crayons in the crayon box. It means trying new things, taking some chances, and most importantly, being unapologetically myself. 

But what I'm most interested in is ...

What does it mean to you?

Are You Rocking the L-O-L Vibe?

So, here’s the million-dollar question: Are you living out loud?  Have you kicked off your shoes and danced on dewy grass? Have you belted out your favorite song in the shower, not caring if the shampoo bottle judges you? If not, are you ready to give it a whirl and turn up the volume?

The L-O-L Experiment List

If so, here are some things to try to get the L-O-L vibe going:

  1. Morning Dance Party: Roll out of bed, hit play on your favorite jam, and groove like nobody’s watching. Bonus points if you’re still in your PJs.

  2. Random Acts of Kindness: Surprise someone—a coworker, a neighbor, or that barista who always spells your name wrong—with a little kindness. Leave a sticky note, flash a smile, or buy an extra coffee.

  3. Cloud Gazing: Find a patch of grass, lie down, and watch the clouds drift by. Imagine them as fluffy dragons or cotton candy castles. 

  4. Color Outside the Lines: Grab a coloring book and just color, not worrying about whether you go outside the lines a little.

Remember, living out loud isn’t about being the loudest person in the room; it’s about being the realest and having fun while doing so. So, my friends, I hope you'll let what makes you, you light up the world- letting your L-O-L vibes ripple far and wide. Because just like kindness, L-O-L-ing is contagious.


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