What is an intuitive?

Someone who is able to connect with spirit and receives messages either via imagery, senses/feelings, audibly, or in combination.

What is an intuitive reading?

Using my intuitive ability and often oracle or tarot cards I connect with your spiritual team, as well as my own, to provide answers to your questions.

Are readings ever scary and negative?

I endeavor to deliver readings that come from a positive, loving place. In preparation for your reading, I ask your spiritual team to deliver clear, accurate, and healing messages that come from love and light so readings are not scary.  Please remember that you always have free will..which means if you hear something that you don't like, you can do things to change an outcome.

If I want to talk to a particular deceased relative, is it guaranteed that they will come through?

I respect all loved ones who have passed on and are in the light and do not force anyone who does not want to come through to do so. Those in light come through as they are ready. I do not have control over who comes through or how long they come through for,  just the delivery of the messages I receive. With that mind, if you come to a reading with the intention to speak to a particular loved one, I will invite them to come through on your behalf and if they are receptive to doing so, they will.

Can you diagnose health issues during a reading?

Unlike a medical intuitive or a medical professional I am not licensed or trained to diagnose health issues. I do find there are times when someone's spiritual team will share messages that indicate that it's a good idea to get a physical, drink more water, stop smoking, or get more rest, etc.

Can you predict my future?

If you are interested in what may happen for you personally, with your career or business I can ask particular questions of your spiritual team to help you gain insight. Please remember, however, that the future is fluid and that you always have free will. It's your free will that will impact the future.

What is free will?

Free will is compromised of your own choosing. You can choose to take action around something to change an outcome or you can choose a different course or plan. Either way, you have control over your decisions and the choices you make.

What do I need to do to prepare for a reading?

Just show up, take some deep breathes and be open-minded to the messages you will receive from your spiritual team.

Who's on my spiritual team?

Loved ones who have passed, archangels, spirit guides, and ascended masters can make up a person's spiritual team.

Do I need to prepare questions?

It is helpful to have questions in mind, but don't worry if you don't. We can always start with a general reading in terms of what messages your spiritual team wishes you to know. I have found that after the general reading, questions begin to formulate.

If you have any additional questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to reach out.