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15 Ways to Combat ‘Energy Slime’

Because I'm super sensitive to energy, if there are tensions and fear swirling around my sleep becomes erratic, and my energy levels drop. And because I'm depleted I become more susceptible to being "slimed". (Energetically Slimed = Negatively impacted by situations or people, and as a result energy levels deplete even further.)

I'm curious, are you feeling any of the following…

..irritable, overwhelmed, drained, stuck, emotionally heavy, or just plain “blah”?

If so, you're potentially more susceptible to being slimed. Which means, when someone cuts you off in traffic, says something you don't agree with, does something you don't like, you run the risk of reacting instead of responding.

And, I don't know about you, but when I react, I make a mess that I'm left to clean up which depletes my energy even further.


Not to worry, here are some easy ways (that really work) to prevent sliming /de-slime, restoring energy levels back to normal.

These are in no particular order of potency. Mix and match. Try a few or try them all.

Way #1: Take a break from the news and social media where the news and sometimes negativity hang out.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve watched more news than I have in my entire life. I’m definitely feeling the impact, from adrenaline surges to cortisol spikes. Not good for the ol’ energy levels.

Way #2: Clean up your physical space. A good dusting and clean up can do wonders for the energy that surrounds our physical space.

Way #3: Speaking of cleaning up our physical space, getting rid of anything that we no longer use, cleaning a closet, or drawers is a great way to shift the slimy energy. Things take up space and interfere with the energy flow.

Way #4: Do something fun every day. Doesn’t matter what it is, or how long you do it for. I love to play a few games on my iPad to lift my energy.

Way #5: Boundaries are great for de-sliming and protection from future sliming. Saying “no” to the things we don’t need to do and don’t want to do is a great way to avoid the energy slime.

Ways #6: Keep a lid on the comparisons. When we compare ourselves to others we‘re inviting slime to make an appearance.

Way #7: Finish un-finished business, whether that’s resolving an issue with someone or completing a project.

Way #8: Work on letting go of any old anger and resentment. Talk it through with a trusted person. Write a letter that can be sent or shredded (depending on the severity of the letter). Side Note Reminder: Anger is fear turned outward and fear is forgetting everything’s all right.

Way #9: Have a Reiki treatment or get a massage. Bodywork is a great way to release any stuck energy and to de-slime.

Way #10: Avoid or limit time with toxic people.

Way #11: Speaking of toxic people, avoid negative conversations and gossip.

Way #12: Create some balance between “doing” and “being”, which means making sure to rest and relax in between or after “doing”. I love to meditate in the morning and find it to be a great way to switch off my “doing” mind.

Way #13: Replace forcing something to happen with curiosity. (i.e. “ I wonder what’s going to happen today?”) Being curious and open to what happens doesn’t just de-slime, but it leaves us open to additional opportunities that we may not have considered.

Way #14: Stay out of the past and engage with the present moment. Taking some deep breathes helps to get into the present moment.

Way #15: Drink water. Staying hydrated helps to raise energy levels so we keep from being slimed.

What do you do to de-slime? I’d love to hear so be sure to get in touch.


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