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Seeing Is Believing; Or Is It?

I used to say things like, "Seeing is believing" or "I'll believe it when I see it." And then the following quote flitted across my desk..."You'll see it when you believe it." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Talk about a forehead smacking moment. I had it all backward. Anytime I've ever believed something, I've either felt it or seen it.

I'm reminded of when I first started coaching. I believed that I sucked as a coach. The belief not only made me feel crappy, but it fed my story of "not good enough". So, rather than being able to see my strengths, all I saw were the mistakes I made.

I'd hang up the phone with a client and beat the living shit out of myself for not asking a better question or for saying something that I thought sounded stupid. I'd then write my client an email apologizing only to get a response like, "What are you talking about? I didn't notice. Your questions got me thinking."


Our beliefs impact what we think, feel, see, do, or don't do. And when it comes to what we want, our beliefs can either be a motivator or a de-motivator.

And at this point, I'd be totally remiss if I didn't say one very important thing; you are not your beliefs or your thoughts.

Negative beliefs, like negative thoughts, happen. It's part of being human beings.

With that said, I'd love to offer some strategies I find helpful when it comes to changing the beliefs that mess with my mindset and what I see.

Just like bacteria, negative beliefs grow in the dark. So, to shine some light on them, talk about them with someone you can trust. Journal about them. Ask yourself questions like, "What makes me believe that?" "What's really true?" Getting them out in the open diminishes their power.

Become aware. One of the best ways to do that is to tune-in to your internal GPS system; your feelings. Feeling crappy? What's the storyline unfolding in your head?

Create believables. "Believables" are statements that feel true. Creating a believable statement is especially helpful when it comes to achieving goals or manifesting what you want.

For example, this year I've got a goal to help 1 million people change their "can't" mindset to one that can and does. When I think about that goal, I get a little freaked out.

My freak out sometimes triggers the VERY limiting and demotivating belief that I don't have the tools I need to reach 1 million people. So, that's when I bring out my believable statement;

I'm in the process of helping 1 million people and I'm continually increasing and expanding my insight, knowledge, and the tools I need.

I believe that statement and as a result, I'm consistently coming across helpful articles and books. But what's even cooler, I get all sorts of helpful ideas during my morning journaling sessions. By changing what I believe, I've opened my eyes to what's possible.


We've got the control and power to change what we believe so that we change what we see. What beliefs are you ready and willing to change?


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