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Pursuing Success Sucks Unless…

"You're not truly successful unless your success is having a positive impact on the world." - Tyler Perry

I'm a massive proponent of awareness. If I've learned anything on my mindset-shifting journey, awareness is the critical component to change.

It's also played a significant role in redefining success.

In total transparency, the quote that started this post has been on my whiteboard for some time now. It drew me in, and yet I didn't understand why until I realized just how much my definition of success was not my definition at all.


Growing up, success equaled money and lots of it.

Yep, that was the definition. It was a definition that was a part of my pathology. And not a very motivating or inspiring one.

Thanks to some awareness-creating questions (see below), I now know why. That definition didn't fit me or my vision for my work in the world. It's never been about money. It's always been about being of service,

It's no wonder it triggered all sorts of negative stories of not being good enough.

Have you ever walked in a pair of shoes that were a little too small? If you have, you know how uncomfortable and painful it can be. So is pursuing success based on a definition that doesn't fit.


With awareness as my sidekick, I've since created a new definition of success. Success = doing something positive every day that makes a difference.

No more "walking around" in a definition that doesn't fit. And as a bonus, the more success achieved based on the new definition, the less "airtime" for the story of not being good enough.

Pursuing success no longer sucks. It's become fun and motivating.


How do you define "success?"

Is how you define it your definition or someone else's?

Does your definition inspire and support you? If not, how ready are you to change your definition?

If you're ready to change your definition, how do you want to define it?

Oh, and be sure to name and claim your definition by sharing it here.

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