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In Hindsight I've Been Chicken Shit

This past year has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and I know I’m not alone in thinking that. I’m also not alone in saying this year has tested, twisted, tried, and even tormented.

Regardless, this past year was filled with things I’d gotten lost in.

I’ve read and watched more news in 2020 than I have in my entire life. Here’s the deal though, it wasn’t reading or watching the news that was the problem. It’s what I allowed the news to do that was the problem.

I allowed the news to become a distraction. I also allowed it to impact my mindset which resulted in negative diatribes that would spill out of my mouth as a reaction.

I know my diatribes weren’t helping the situation, my mindset, or anyone in earshot, and so choosing not to get lost in the news would’ve been a better option.


And while I wouldn’t wish what we’ve experienced on anyone, I’m grateful. Grateful, because this past year has forced me to take a good, hard look at myself. It’s made me realize that all the distraction and the negativity were just a symptom of something else…my being chicken shit.

How have I been chicken shit?

I started writing a book that’s currently collecting dust. Why? Because I’ve been too chicken shit to finish it. There are few programs I started as well that are keeping the book company for the same reason… because I’ve been chicken shit.


I’d like to blame my inner critic Bitty Bitch (BB for short) for my chicken shit ways, but it would be wrong. Regardless of how mean she can be with her commentary, she’s not to blame, I am.

I am for choosing to become distracted by other things.

I am for making excuses.

I am for choosing to be chicken shit.


What would I see if I didn’t see chicken shit?

I'd see...

  • Much less distraction and more consistent writing.

  • Finishing my book and getting it published.

  • Programs that see the light of day.

  • Starting a positive ripple effect... Helping 1 million women re-write the "can’t narrative" so they not only believe in who they are but in what they do.

  • No more chicken shit!

That is why I’m dedicating 2021 to seeing no more chicken shit.

The reality is, I choose what I do, what I don’t do, what I believe, what I think, and what I feel. So, going forward, (from this day on), I’m choosing to write every day, be of greater service through (and with) my work, and use my voice for good, not frickin’ negative diatribes.


So, my friends, I’ve gotta ask…

What are you taking away from 2020 that is going to support you in 2021?

Where have you been chicken shit in 2020?

What are you willing to do differently in 2021?

What would you see if you didn’t see chicken shit?

I'd love to hear - please feel free to share!

Until next time, I'm sending you lots of peace, love, and light...and no chicken shit!


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