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The “A.C.E” It Framework: From Uncertain to #Unstoppable

You know, I’ve got this inner critic – let’s call her ‘Bitty B.’ She’s been my lifelong companion, like that quirky friend who’s always there, whether you want her or not. Bitty B’s got a knack for being loud and occasionally downright mean. She’s the one who whispers, ‘You’re not good enough,’ or ‘Who do you think you are?’ And let’s not forget her favorite line: ‘Imposter alert!’


Since I was ten, I’ve been on a quest to unravel Bitty B’s mysteries. I’ve scoured self-help books, taken courses, meditated, researched high and low – all in pursuit of understanding her schtick. Why does she exist? What’s her purpose?


And you know what? I’ve discovered something fascinating: We’re never truly without an inner critic. Yep, odd as it sounds, Bitty B and your inner critic serve a purpose. They’re like that overprotective aunt who means well but can be a bit much.


Here’s the kicker: It’s not about what our inner critics say; it’s about how we allow what they say to impact us. Our feelings, beliefs, and thoughts – they’re all influenced by that internal chatter if we allow them to be. (It's amazing what happens when we exercise choice. )


So, instead of allowing her yammering to make me feel crappy, I decided to shift my focus. Instead of trying to silence her, I learned to listen.


‘Okay, Bitty B,’ I’d say, ‘What’s the deal this time?’


And guess what? She had insights. She pointed out blind spots, nudged me to improve, and sometimes, she even cheered me on.


But it doesn’t stop there…let me spill the real beans here: The A.C.E IT! Framework was created because of her. It’s my secret weapon against Bitty B’s negativity. (I wanted to create something memorable, something that sticks, and this framework does just that.)


It’s based on these steps:


Awareness: I shine a spotlight on Bitty B’s monologues. Instead of ignoring her, I acknowledge her presence. ‘Hey, Bitty B, I see you.’


Challenge: I play detective. Is she exaggerating? Is there evidence to the contrary? I challenge her claims. ‘Really, Bitty B? Let’s fact-check.’


Execute: I take action. Bitty B’s yammering becomes fuel. ‘Fine, Bitty B, watch me prove you wrong.’


Guess what? This framework isn’t just for me; it’s for you too. When you use it, you’ll demystify your inner critic’s stories, boost your confidence, and propel into action.


And the best part? You’ll probably find that your inner critic’s tone softens. They’ll be like, ‘Okay, fine, you win.’


🌟 Disclaimer: Side Effects May Include Awesomeness

Before you dive in, a friendly disclaimer: Using The A.C.E IT! Framework may lead to spontaneous confidence bursts, cosmic high-fives, and turning dreams into reality. You might emit contagious positivity and develop a magnetic aura. Oh, and that #unstoppable belief in what you're capable of? Yeah, it’s real.


P.S. If you hear a faint ‘Go, you!’ in the background, that’s just Bitty B reluctantly cheering you on. 😉✨


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