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Love from others...

I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the amazing people who provided the following kind words.

Thank you for always showing up to our coaching sessions ready to give 110%. Our sessions helped me navigate many challenging years that were full of unknowns and countless changes. You listened without judgment and held space for a deep conversation that would inevitably uncover hidden emotions or insightful gems. Your intuitive gifts came in handy countless times!!! I acknowledge you for the wisdom and knowledge that you hold and I am lucky that so much of you was shared with me!!! Again, thank you so much, coaching sessions with you have been of great service to my personal growth and development.

- Melissa

I have received great value from working with Pam.  What I value most about Pam is her intuitiveness, her powerful questioning and the permission she offers to create a life and business that feels right for me. Pam has empowered me to stand in my power by letting go of relationships and beliefs that have been holding me back. I have gained more confidence since working with Pam and her intuitive readings have confirmed that I am on the right path! Pam is a trusted guide who offers a warm, engaging presence and is wonderful example of the kind of coach I want to be.
- Trina Stutzman, ACC

Pam, what a blessing you are!  

She is focused in building a relationship and offering continual support to help YOU live your best life.  She is open, honest, understanding; she communicates well; she creates a non-judgmental and trusting environment so that inner growth can happen.  

I feel so honored to know her – to refer my patients to her – and to love her.  She laughs with you, cries with you, and jokes with you.  She offers encouragement and kicks your tail when needed.  Challenge creates growth and she is the motivator behind challenge, thus growth.  

Pam, you have been such an important part of my life for 2 years and I cannot imagine my life without your guidance and support.  You are a blessing to myself, my family, my patients.  Love you lots. 
-Tiffany Johnson, Chiropractor


Dear Pam,
I am writing to thank you for always asking me the tough questions and for allowing me to say what is on my mind and in my heart without ever judging me. I have always felt an enormous sense of freedom and safety in your company, even when we are speaking on the phone. From my first session with you as my coach, I knew I could accomplish whatever I really wanted and that you would be there to help me figure out exactly what that was. As a new empty nester, I suddenly found myself in unfamiliar territory and you were there to listen to my concerns and worries and guide me to a new path that I am curious and excited about. With your keen intuition and wonderful sense of humor, you help me clear all the mental clutter away so I can focus on what's really meaningful and important to me. Because of our work together, I am so much more aware of my strengths and what I have to offer my own clients. I am so grateful to have you as my coach and in my corner!
- Colleen Stone

In the time that I've known Pam, I've learned that she's, first and foremost, a woman of integrity. Layered on top of that is her passion for doing whatever she can (and that's a lot!) to support others in having what they most want in life. She models that by not settling for less than she deserves, and she holds that bar high for those she works with. She is an advocate of the highest order, and I can't imagine wanting more than that from a coach! 
- Anastacia Brice

I started a business a little over 5 years ago but the truth is, my business was nothing more than a dream until I started working with Pam over 3 years ago.  It was with the amazing intuitive work of Pam that I can say that my business has come out of my dreams and into reality.  There is something profound about having someone who is truly on your side rooting you on and being there when you stumble.  When fear gets in my way, give me 45 minutes with Pam and that fear is squashed and I am ready to get back on my feet and tackle that fear once and for all.  Whether it is business or personal, Pam is there right beside me helping me grow in countless ways.  I couldn't ask for a better coach and a better member of my team.  Thank you  Pam for all the amazing work we have done and will continue to do.  If you are looking for someone who will challenge you and help you grow by leaps and bounds, Pam is your coach!
- Stacey Vachon, ACC

Pam is a brilliant bright light who inspires others to shine their lights brightly. She is compassionate, committed and extremely talented. Her dedication to excellence is apparent in everything she touches. If you are ready to transform your life or organization, Pam is the woman who will guide you to success. 
- Cassi Christiansen, MCC

Working with Pam is a wonderful experience. Our sessions are my favorite part of the week. Whether I show up feeling scattered or deflated or lost, I walk away feeling focused and energized. For anyone who needs a little help pulling it all together, I highly recommend the services of What’s Within U. 
–  S.P.

Pam has been an amazing addition to my personal and professional life.  She has encouraged me to think BEYOND......think ABOVE.....become PRESENT and most of all, she has assisted me in opening my mind to new possibilities.  Thank you Pam for being exactly who you are! 
- Dr. Angela Bremer, Chiropractor

Pam was undaunted by the challenge I presented to her. She was positive, encouraging, uplifting, practical, and gave me the tough love that I needed to combat my self-defeating tendencies. She gave me work to do, which I admit was not always was WORK…but she was always encouraging, never judgmental. She helped me believe in my talents and abilities and showed me that there was still passion for living and for my career hopes and dreams.

Pam has been my angel. She is the type of friend that has been there to pick me up when I've fallen flat on my face, laughed with me, and shared my sorrows or just my "funky feelings". She is a woman of incredible talent, heart for people, and does her work with integrity like I have never seen before. She is my compass on this journey. Pam is not only my coach, she is a wonderful friend! 
- Lynne, Research Consultant 

Skillfully using active listening and powerful questioning, Pam has been front and center as my mentor coach. She has helped me hone my own intuition and has guided me in finding bravery to take action when life demands a change.  Through my work with her, I now architect greatness in integrating the disparate parts of my life into a whole and I'm able to share that insight with those I coach.
- Jakob Franzen

Pam is a great listener.  As a coach, she provides incredible insight into an issue and is then able to roll up her sleeves and help develop a tactical plan to address it. She provides effective coaching across a variety of issues - career, family relationships and personal growth.  She pushes her clients in gentle but firm way to move past self-imposed limitations to reach their goals.  I highly recommend her! 
- MP

Without bridges, the best-built roads lead nowhere, the most impressive visions remain invisible and unmet and the best-laid plans fail.  Imagine having a coach to partner with you in connecting to your dreams and building your bridges.  Pam Thomas was that partner for me. She believes in overcoming obstacles - in finding the key to open doors to new opportunities.  Pam was the key, for me, in finding my path and my purpose.  Thank you Pam for opening the door.  
- Rachel S. 

Where do I start? Pam Thomas is an inspiration in my life. From the moment I spoke with her, I have felt a feeling of strength and the ability to do anything I set my mind to. She has inspired me to make career and life changes that I have only dreamed of. Much to my surprise everything has come to fruition. Without Pam I would not be where I am today. She has removed all self doubt and unworthiness. I now have the ability to dream and make things happen. Pam Thomas is very special, unique and a blessing. It is my pleasure working with her. I look forward to working with her for many more years.  
- Tanya Lucero, Accounting Specialist 

I am often surprised by my sessions with Pam.  She is so skilled helping me articulate what is going on and I leave our calls with a sense of calm and direction that I didn't always even know I needed.

Pam is unconditionally supportive and encouraging.  She can cut through my mental clutter to help me identify the priority issue and create actionable steps for forward movement.
-Noreen Keesey, Coach, Trainer, Mediator

I worked extensively with Pam as a coach over the course of several years as I worked through the death of my mother and then transitioning into a new career.  During that time, I had a lot of issues to work through  - grief, guilt, anxiety and self-doubt to name a few.  Pam’s gentle, yet firm approach and incredible insight helped me get through the rough patches and literally re-engineer my life.  I am immensely grateful for all her support and I recommend her highly.   
- Maria

Pam has changed my life!  She has helped me navigate through so many difficult situations and has given me the tools and strength to meet life head on.  I am happier and more confident than I ever have been before.   Pam has taught me so many incredible things and working with her is a blessing.
- Laura Fowler

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