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Coaching Testimonial:

Pam has changed my life!  She has helped me navigate through so many difficult situations and has given me the tools and strength to meet life head on.  I am happier and more confident than I ever have been before.   Pam has taught me so many incredible things and working with her is a blessing.
- Laura Fowler

Intuitive Reading Testimonial:

​"I am always amazed at Pam's talent. She is beyond intuitive, and has a sensory that I cannot fully understand. Her readings have been unbelievable, exceeding any expectations I have beforehand, and I value all that she has shared with me. She has impacted my life tremendously with her knowing-spirit." - M.J.

Coaching Testimonial:

I am often surprised by my sessions with Pam.  She is so skilled helping me articulate what is going on and I leave our calls with a sense of calm and direction that I didn't always even know I needed.

Pam is unconditionally supportive and encouraging.  She can cut through my mental clutter to help me identify the priority issue and create actionable steps for forward movement.
-Noreen Keesey,

Intuitive Reading Testimonial:

I highly recommend Pam's intuitive readings as a very helpful way to interpret life events and themes. Her readings are insightful and uncanny in their accuracy. They are valuable as a stand-alone service or as a wonderful addition to her coaching practice.