I believe so strongly in Pam Thomas as a medium and intuitive counselor, that I actually sent my own family member to her for guidance. I have also referred my own clients to Pam when they cannot wait for an appointment with me. Beyond a reading or coaching session, Pam provides clarity in a direct and nurturing way. As Pam's medium mentor of several years ago, I found her to be clear, accurate, and healing. As far as I am concerned, Pam is in the top tier.  

- Susanne Wilson, MA. The Carefree Medium.

"I am always amazed at Pam's talent. She is beyond intuitive, and has a sensory that I cannot fully understand. Her readings have been unbelievable, exceeding any expectations I have beforehand, and I value all that she has shared with me. She has impacted my life tremendously with her knowing-spirit." - M.J.

"It was my first reading ever. and it was mind blowing, Spot on. It was like someone just flicked on the light in the room and I saw that "Oh Boy I am not alone in this journey". The room was packed with more support then I could ever imagine. The reading was a total confirmation on where I have been, where I am going and what to watch for in the future. Simply Amazing! I now have a road map. Thank you Pam."- T.B.

"My experience with Pam and the reading she gave me was nothing short of amazing; she is simply wonderful! Her presence is very warm and genuine and which makes for a very comfortable experience. The details that she was able to give about my life/situations was extremely spot on and accurate; I gained both clarity and direction (which was what I needed) as well as a little push (which I also needed!). I liked that I was able to ask questions throughout the reading which I found very helpful. This was a very enlightening experience and I look forward to having another reading done!"- MDW

"Pam’s readings always amaze me for their accuracy and openness.  Whenever I speak with her, I feel an accepting warmth and connection with my intuition, walking me down my path.  She opens the door for me to see deeper within and the transformation is very much like a butterfly." - DF 

"I recently did a reading with Pam and it was amazing! Being that I had never done such a thing, I had no idea to what to expect. She made me feel very at ease and the experience was incredible. The conversation was based on truth and gave me new insight into some things I was struggling with. I was amazed of what was coming out of the reading and the sense of peace I was feeling. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be returning to Pam in the future." -NK

"I highly recommend Pam's intuitive readings as a very helpful way to interpret life events and themes. Her readings are insightful and uncanny in their accuracy. They are valuable as a stand-alone service or as a wonderful addition to her coaching practice." -HP