Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” 

Our mindset plays a major role in what we do and don't do based on what we believe. So, if you have an awesome project that's become a casualty of the "No, you can't do that"internal dialog, I want to welcome you to Power-Up Group Coaching.

Our super powered group coaching

A small group of like-minded people and an experienced, certified coach supporting you to go from "You can't" to "Oh yeah!? Watch me!".

With projects in hand, we spend  90-minutes twice a month for 3 months, empowering, inspiring, and supporting one another to get those projects done.

The benefits of participating...

Projects, ideas, wants, and goals are like road trips. Going from the starting point to the final destination.  The beauty of this group coaching program is that you're not hitting the road on your own. You have instant access to...

  • Connection - with other like-minded people so you go farther.

  • Collaboration - to create your personalized powered-up road map for completing your project.

  • Community - supporting and holding you accountable.

  • Communication - a confidential space to share your wins, challenges, and to ask questions.

And that's not all...as a member you get...

  • A clear road map with doable steps to get from Point A to the final destination

  • Brainstorming & accountability partners

  • All sessions are recorded so you can re-listen at any time

  • Coaching from a certified, experienced coach

  • Strategies to deal with the inner critic, blind spots, and potholes

  • Additional resources; worksheets, podcasts, and mini-online workshops/retreats

  • 24/7 access to support and materials via a private online network

power-up network.png

How much does it cost to participate?

Three monthly payments of $275.00.

So, if you're ready to turn up the "can do" spirit and get that project done, your Power-Up is revving its engine and ready to hit the road.


February 2021:

*ONLY 10 spots are available

Start Date: February 5th - Noon PT/1pm MT/2pm CT/3 pm ET - CLOSED FOR REGISTRATION

Start Date: February 16th - Noon PT/1pm MT/2pm CT/3 pm ET


Not a problem!

If you have a group of folks that you'd love to work with or you'd like your team to benefit from a Power-Up, get in touch today! We'll create a special one just for you!

I'm Interested!

Thank you for your interest. We will be sure to respond within 24 business hours.