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Power Hour Sip Sessions

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Where coaching, connection, and collaboration meet

Join our empowering "Sip Sessions" to cultivate an #unstoppable mindset and transform your goals from mere ideas to reality. In these interactive discussions, we explore topical conversations designed to enhance and support your personal growth journey.


We call them "sip sessions" because learning in small, digestible "sips" makes integrating and applying new information easier.

Structure of each session:

  • First 5 minutes: Introductions

  • Next 10 minutes: "Sipping" on the topic for the month, such as:

    • Empowering yourself by embracing change

    • Maximizing resources to minimize challenges

    • Crafting believable "can do" stories to conquer self-doubt

    • Cultivating a positive mindset by reducing toxic thinking

    • And so much more!

  • Following 35 minutes: Open discussion and group coaching

  • Last 10 minutes: Key takeaways and wrap-up

Fee: Free


Topic: Change: How to Deal with It Like a Rockstar and with a Calm Mind

Date:  March 13, 2024

Time:  2pm PT/ 4pm CT/ 5pm ET

Location: Zoom - enter your email address below to receive the link

Even if you can't join the live discussion, don't worry! These sessions will be recorded, and by signing up, you'll receive a copy to access later.

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