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Power Hour Sip Sessions

Power hour sip sessions.png

What are they?

Topical conversations to enhance and support our #unstoppable mindsets so we can take our goals from paper to reality. They’re called "sip sessions" because when we learn new information in "sips," it's easier to integrate and use.

The structure for each call:


  • First 5 minutes: introductions

  • 10 minutes of “sipping” on the topic for the month

    • Some of the topic examples are:

      • how to turn the fear of change into empowerment and motivation

      • how maximizing resources minimizes challenges

      • creating believable “can do” stories to crowd out the can’t

      • reducing toxic thinking

      • and so much more

  • 35 minutes of open discussion and group coaching

  • Last 10 minutes: Take-Aways and Wrap-Up


Fee: Free


Sipping Topic: Managing Worry & Stress So It's Not Manage You

Date: Wednesday, February 15th ***

Time: 1 pm PT/ 2 pm MT /3 pm CT /4 pm ET /9 pm GMT


Join this engaging group discussion where support, insight, camaraderie, and coaching meet. Sign up below to receive login details a few days prior.

***These sessions will be recorded, so even if you can't join the live discussion, sign up to receive a recorded copy.

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