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Mentor Coaching for Certification

Mentor coaching doesn't just help you gain mastery of your coaching skills. Mentor coaching supports you in achieving life skill mastery. Mentor coaching also supports you to…
...strengthen your coaching skills,
...take your own coaching and personal development to the next level,
...improve your ICF core competency use,
...prepare for ICF certification,
...mute your inner critic when it comes to your coaching, and
...grow personally and professionally.

Preparing for ICF Certification

Using my experience as an ICF-trained assessor, we'll explore the competencies and best practices for demonstrating them. We'll spend the first part of our call taking a deep dive into the competency for each session. We will then do some live coaching to practice what we've discussed, followed by feedback.

This approach supports you in learning more about the competencies while having the opportunity to experience them. That way, when it's time to test for certification, you'll be ready.

(NOTE: Mentoring can also include reviewing recorded sessions with feedback for further skill and competency development, as well as submission to the ICF for certification.)

If you're ready to explore whether What's Within U mentor coaching will work for you, schedule a 30-minute introductory call by clicking the button below.


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