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For ACC, PCC Certification & ACC Certification Renewal


The Group Mentor Coaching  program offered by Pam Thomas was valuable to increase my skills as a coach and indoctrination into the standards of the ICF. Pam's authentic and intuitive methods are instrumental in strengthening the students' confidence and knowledge to further enhance my abilities as a certifiable coach. This is an awesome program that built my confidence and skills as a coach. - Renae with EmbraceMore .com

This is a results-oriented, comprehensive group mentor coaching program that offers:

  • Group and One-on-One Mentor Coaching (fulfilling the ICF requirements for ACC, ACC Renewal, and PCC certification) 

  • Coaching Supervision (oral and written feedback of coaching)

  • Core Competency Review

  • Coaching Skill Building​

  • Practice Building and Development

  • Tips & Techniques for Increasing Coaching Confidence... a safe and confidential group environment. 


  1. Meets the International Coach Federation requirements for 10+ hours of mentor coaching.

  2. The opportunity to work with other coaches who are working on their certification.

  3. Gain mentoring from a certified coach who serves as a PCC accessor with an ACTP certified coach training school.

  4. All participants whether seeking ACC, ACC Renewal, or PCC credentials will be mentored to a PCC level.

  5. Explore the core competencies at a deeper level for better understanding and use.

  6. Each coach will coach in a safe and confidential environment  and receive written feedback. 

  7. Each session is recorded for additional review.

  8. Small groups for more individualized mentoring. 

  9. Access to an online resource area.

  10. Receive tips and strategies for successful coaching conversations.

  11. Support in preparing for credentialing.

  12. Professional Development Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) with certificate for coaches applying for certification renewal.

  13. Practice development tips and strategies.

  14. Coaching confidence building techniques.

  15. Personal/Professional coaching (each coach will receive coaching during at least one of the group coaching sessions, as well as four (4) individual sessions).

Each group will meet twice a month for an hour and 15 minute (1.25 hours)  group mentor coaching call. Each coach will have a one hour, one-on-one session per month with a certified mentor coach.  
All group calls will be held on a secure bridge line and will be recorded and accessible after each call. 

The first three (3) months, each call will include the following:

- Core competency review 
- Each coach will have an opportunity to coach and receive written feedback from participants and mentor coach
- A live debriefing of the coaching

The fourth (4th) month will include the following:
- Practice building and development; strategies for developing a thriving coaching practice.
- Coaching confidence; tips for increasing coaching confidence, including how to navigate and handle potentially difficult coaching situations.

The duration of the program is four (4) months. 
The first three (3) months meet the ICF mentor coaching requirements and the fourth (4th) month meets the Resource Development CCE requirements for coaches applying for certification renewal.

7.5 group mentor coaching hours
4 individual mentor coaching hours
2.5 Professional Development CCE hours


The Fee: $450 USD per month (4 months)

Each coach must attend all sessions in order to receive credit for the 10+ hours of mentor coaching and 2.50 Resource Development CCEUs. If a group session must be missed, a review and written feedback of the recording is required in order to get credit.

**Groups are limited to four (4) participants maximum**




Start date: February 10th - Noon ET (Click here to convert this time to your local time - link opens in a new window)

To sign up, please use the following form. Please note: Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Thank you. We will respond within 24 business hours with next steps.

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